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We cover the International Regatta Ratzeburg – all gallerys you find here: www.pictrs.com/meinruderbild

Join the journey of the world’s top sculler with the newly released book, “Olli Zeidler – Riding the Wave of Success.” With 96 pages and over 100 captivating photos, this self-published gem sheds light on his remarkable story. From his astonishing debut as a single scull world champion in 2019, merely three years after transitioning from swimming, to his pursuit of Olympic gold in Paris this year, Zeidler’s journey inspires.Delve into the essence of the 27-year-old’s success, as Zeidler himself articulates his drive: “To be the leader among the best, to inspire people, and to take responsibility for my actions and deeds-that’s what drives me. I commit wholeheartedly to this pursuit!” The book not only showcases Zeidler’s personal ethos but also introduces his support system, from his rowing-centric family to his father and coach, Heino, among others. Expected to hit shelves in may, an english version will cater to his global fanbase. Don’t miss out on this compelling read chronicling the journey of a true rowing icon!
Priced at 24.50 Euros it is available for online purchase at https://newwave.de/de/463-olli-zeidler-kollektion


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MyRowingphoto.com published in the last weeks more and more old gallerys from World Cups, World Champs and International Regattas. Actually you find more than 350000 rowing photos from 1999 up to today. Have fun in our gallerys on www.pictrs.com/meinruderbild and order downloads, prints or souvenirs.